Next Generation Checkpoint Control

News Flash

February 2016: OncoQR ML announces spectacular new results with its Pancreatic Cancer Vaccine TYG100

November 2015:
OncoQR presents its game changing technology at BioEurope Munich, 2015-11-05

October 2015:
OncoQR’s Next Generation Checkpoint Control Breast Cancer Vaccine Successfully Completes Pre-Clinical Proof-of-Concept Study

April 2015: interim analysis of ongoing in-vivo proof-of-concept (PoC) study in NHPs with O
QR200 against breast cancer target is successful

January 2015:
OncoQR (OQR) starts the new year with a new grant - OQR received approval for a dose finding study supported by ZIT, the Vienna Business Agency

November 2014:
OncoQR receives a 450+ k€ grant from FFG - the Austrian Research Promotion Agency - for development of its second cancer therapy, OQR200, directed to improve patients lives diagnosed breast cancer

April 2014:
OncoQR is pleased to announce the foundation of TYG oncology Ltd, a joint venture between OQR and Astrimmune Ltd. TYG oncology Ltd. develops a game-changing immunotherapy to fight pancreatic cancer as well as other gastrointestinal cancers

February 2014:
OncoQR announces Dr.Jorge Sepulveda as managing director operations. Dr. Sepulveda brings 20 years of experience in R&D and operations of biological substances within the life science industry

March 2013:
OncoQR announces successful in-vivo proof-of-concept (PoC) study in NHPs with OQR100 against pancreatic cancer target