OncoQR ML GmbH
Walterstraße 21, 3011 Irenental / Austria

Office: Hochmayrstrasse 31, 2384 Breitenfurt / Austria

Phone: 0043.1 230 60-0
E-Mail: c.langer@oncoqr.com
Internet: www.oncoqr.com

General Manager

Dr. Geert C. Mudde (geert.mudde@oncoqr.com)
Christof Langer, MBA (c.langer@oncoqr.com)

Nature and Purpose of the Business

Research and Development in the field of biotechnology; Sales and purchase of licences; Sales of products and technologies in the field of biotechnology

Court of Jurisdiction : Handelsgericht Wien
Commercial Registry Number : 436592 y
Tax ID Number: ATU69935378

Member of Kammer der Gewerblichen Wirtschaft Österreich

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